The (Very Controversial) Top 10 Most Handsome Pittsburgh Steelers of the Past Decade

In keeping with the great, discussion starting articles The (Very ¬†Controversial) Top 10 Most Handsome Cleveland Cavaliers of the Past Decade by Tony Hartman and¬†The (Very Controversial) Top 10 Most Handsome Pittsburgh Penguins of the Past Decade by Chris Fafalios, it’s time to tackle another team that’s near and dear to my heart, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

10. Brett Keisel
brett_keisel_4The lumberjack look is in right now, and it’s hard to get much more lumberjacky without actually chopping down some trees.

9. Willie Reid
willie_reid_2007_10_07Willie Reid looks a little like Mo Williams, who looks a lot like John Legend. Any questions?


8. Shaun Suisham
Shaun+Suisham+Pittsburgh+SteelersHe has boyish good looks and a foot that isn’t attached to Jeff Reed, what’s not to love?

7. The Batch Brothers (they’re not related)
cbatchbaronCharlie (top) and Baron (bottom) both had the last name of Batch. One was a symbol of consistency, reliability, and loyalty, the other’s first name was Baron. But he was an artist, and who doesn’t love an artist?

6. Willie Parker
willieparkerNo matter how fast you are, you can’t outrun being this handsome.

5. Antonio Brown
ab1ab2Arguably the best wide receiver in the game right now, and definitely one of the most handsome.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers

4. Daniel Sepulveda
Daniel-Sepulveda-575x389The body of a linebacker with the leg of a monster, but let’s be honest, you don’t trade up in the third round for a punter unless he can hold his own in a handsome-off against THEE Taylor Lautner from Shark Boy and Lava Girl.


3. Emmanual Sanders
Between him and Antonio Brown, how can one draft be so handsome?

2. Mike Tomlin
tomlinA leader of men with leading man looks. Don’t think he has leading man looks? Ask Omar Epps.

1. Troy Polamalu
troytroy2troy3There aren’t many lists Troy doesn’t deserve to be at the top of, and this is one of the most deserved.

Honorable Mention: Hines Ward
HinesThat smile.

My Brother Gary

Between the multiple podcasts, the radio show that just got cancelled this week, and working in public, I do a lot of talking a lot of the time. But when it comes to real life stuff, I’ve never been really good at getting that out there. Here’s me trying.

A few months ago, my brother Gary called me on a Wednesday night. In most families, that’s probably not a big deal. But when I see my dad or brother call me randomly in the middle of the week, I know it’s not going to be good news, and it never is.

He danced around with small talk for a minute, before I got impatient and told him to just tell me the bad news he called to deliver. He then went on to tell me he had just been diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer.

He didn’t have to say much more than that. I’m familiar with cancer, I’ve lost people very close to me because of it, I have friends that have lost people very close to them because of it. I’ve studied the different kinds, donated to charities on different kinds, hoped that nobody close to me ever again would catch any kind. Especially pancreatic cancer.

If you’ve been lucky enough to not have to look into the different kinds of cancer, I’ll sum it up for you. Pancreatic is a motherfucker. The higher the stage, the worse it is, and there are only four stages, so Stage 3 is a double motherfucker. You can Google the average life expectancy if you need that point driven home. I refuse to type it out though, because I refuse to look at anything as a time frame and my brother is anything but average.

So they went to the best hospital in the world when it comes to pancreatic cancer to get more tests and put a plan in place. Turned out it wasn’t technically pancreatic, and that it’s in the ducts around the pancreas. But that’s all technical speak that doesn’t make too much of a difference. On the pancreas or in the ducts means untreatable, unoperable, uncurable, basically, you’re stuck with it.

A plan was put in action to start chemo, which he was luckily able to do in his hometown. Do chemo for a few months, fly back to that hospital for some more tests, and go from there.

There were two ways the tests could go:

– the chemo is preventing the tumors from growing. in that case, keep doing chemo as long as it’s working.

– the chemo is not preventing the tumors from growing and they’ve gotten bigger. in that case, it’s up to my brother. keep doing chemo even though it’s not working, or stop doing the chemo and let the cancer run it’s course.

Obviously, the first option is the best case scenario.

This week is a few months later and Gary and his wife Angie went back to the hospital for more tests. It was time to find out which of the two ways the tests would go.


That wasn’t even an option. To say it’s a rare result is an understatement. It’s so rare, the doctors didn’t even want anybody to think it was possible for the sake of not giving even a sliver of false hope. This is so much better than the best case scenario.

Now, I realize it isn’t over yet. There’s still a lot of fighting to do, and they may not shrink again. The reality is that it isn’t going to go away, but my brother has already been defying the rules and this fight just started. With his wife Angie, and my awesome niece and nephew Jess and Nick by his side the whole time, he’s got a great team fighting this with him.

This has all been such a burden on me, and has been beating me up inside since that Wednesday night a few months ago. I always had faith that Gary would fight this and would do amazing, and I always knew that he would make it far beyond the average life expectancy, but it’s still a very heavy thing to have to think about.

It’s a situation where any good news is such a breath of relief, and today we got SUPER AMAZING AWESOME news, so it’s hard not to be excited by that, no matter what lies ahead.

Sports Rap Thursdays

I was gonna comment on how it’s been a while since I updated my site at all, then realized it’s been exactly a year, which is weird.

Anyways, about 7 or 8 weeks ago, or more or less, my buddy Ryan McGehee and I started hosting a sports talk show on Thursday nights on The Sports Animal 1390 in Youngstown from 6-8 PM. It’s been a lot of fun.

Our status of whether or not it’s officially a thing that will keep on going as of right now is up in the air still, but we will be doing it for the foreseeable future.

I’ve had a handful of people ask me if we’ve recorded any, since not everybody can listen live, but we hadn’t yet. Until last night’s show.

Sports Rap Thursday with Ryan and Dave Р7/18 

There’s the trimmed down version of the show in MP3 format. You can stream it or right click and ‘Save As’. We’re working on getting the station to podcast it from their site so it can be found in the iTunes store or RSS.

It was a fun show. We talked sports movies, Nintendo, the Cavs, and spoke with Neal Coolong from BehindTheSteelCurtain, Dan Lalich from DawgsByNature, and Herzog, one of the aliens that abducted Baron Davis, as well as a couple callers. It was a packed show and I feel is a good sample of what we’re doing with the show.

If you like it, you can listen live on Thursdays from 6-8 PM EST here or through the IHeartRadio app.


I’ve been trying not to get too excited about The Dark Knight Rises. I am excited for it. Especially for Tom Hardy. But I hate that feeling of anticipation that you can’t control, so I’ve tried to keep my excitement under wraps by not thinking about it. But not thinking about the release of this movie is hard. For stupid reasons.

When The Dark Knight came out, I was going through the toughest time I’ve ever had in my life. I had recently lost somebody I loved very much, I had recently lost a job I loved very much, I had recently parted ways with a band that I enjoyed OK enough, I wasn’t writing at all and had zero creative outlet, and because of the downward spiral that came as a result of all those, I was being forced to move out of the apartment that I loved very much. All around, things were shit.

Then Batman gave me an escape. I saw The Dark Knight seven times in the theater. Most of those times when I needed to be packing, or looking for a job, or doing anything to make my miserable life better. But instead, I saw this movie over and over and over again. It gave me a few hours at a time to try and forget everything. It gave me an excuse to be with my friends, and it gave me something to talk to them about. I’m not good at talking about life, so I did so as little as possible and kept the majority of everything to myself, but I’ll fucking talk about Batman any chance I can. And The Dark Knight gave me that.

I don’t even put The Dark Knight on a pedestal like most people do. I enjoyed the movie a lot, but it doesn’t get brought up when talking about my favorite movies ever. It never even gets thought about in that conversation. And overall, I actually think I like Batman Begins a tad more. But at the time, it was definitely the movie I needed.

Flash forward four years, on the eve of The Dark Knight Rises releasing, and I’m in the total opposite place. My life right now is the best it’s ever been. I have a girlfriend I love very much, two daughters I love very much, a son due in a couple of months that I’ll love very much, live in an apartment that I love very much, have two jobs that I enjoy enough and can show up to whenever I want and can get away with saying ‘cunt’ whenever I please, and have multiple creative outlets that are keeping me satisfied, with a few more coming very soon, and I’m writing a ton.

I realize Batman and Christopher Nolan have ZERO to do with the drastic changes in my life around these release dates, but it’s hard not to use them as landmarks on the timeline since they’re so incredibly different.

So, yeah, this isn’t about Batman. It’s about how no matter how rough shit gets, and how miserable life can be, there’s always somewhere to rise to. And sometimes, it doesn’t take too long at all. Stick with it, hang in there, and eventually you’ll get the life you deserve.

And when you do, there’ll be landmarks on your timeline that make you remember the miserable times and make you appreciate the perfect times that much more.

Needless to say, I’m only gonna see The Dark Knight Rises once in theaters. This time, I’ve got better things to do.

this week in my podcasts: week of june 25

Movies On UP! – Ep8: A Whole Lotta Why?

I think this week’s episode was pretty solid. We moved a little quicker than usual, and covered a lot of ground. We also talked about a ton of trailers, which I like doing.

I’m super excited about next week’s show. It’s our Halftime Show, where we’re gonna give our favorite movies of 2012 so far, and talk about what we’re most looking forward to the rest of the year. I’m excited about it cause it will be fun, but I want to have a lot of listener submitted lists too, and I really suck at asking for stuff like that. Hopefully we’ll get some.

So, in short, if you’re reading this: let me know what your favorite movies of 2012 are so far? 3, 5, 10, I don’t care. You don’t even have to rank them if you don’t want. Also, what are you looking forward to the most?

Erik and Dave Talking with Erik and Dave – Episode 17: Again

This week’s was a weird one. Erik and I really didn’t have to do anything. I didn’t have to write fan fiction this week, so I literally went into this episode with nothing prepared. But, it all worked out because we had a listener submitted Fan Fiction of our Fan Fiction, and a shit ton of listener submitted Magik: The Gathering cards.

I think two fan fictions in one episode is a bit much, but overall I think it was a solid episode. I really like where the fan fiction is going, but I don’t get to write another one for another week.

this week in my podcasts: week of june 18

i had a lot of fun this week when it comes to podcasting. i was very happy with the episodes of Movies On UP! and Erik and Dave Talking with Erik and Dave.

Episode 7: When We Were Young

This week’s episode was a ton of fun. With news about the new Ninja Turtles movie and Ghostbusters 3, we decided to put together a list of our top 5 movies we loved when we were kids that we still loved today.

I was really happy with how this episode came out. Sometimes we tend to focus on news a little too much, but I think this episode was a good personality episode. Really let Ryan and I open up a bit and put more of our personalities into the finished product. We’re definitely gonna do more episodes like this more often.

Also, if you’d like, feel free to send me your top 5 movies you loved when you were a kid and still love today for us to read on next week’s episode.

Episode 16: Stone

Erik and I felt a lot more loose this week than usually. Neither of us were too happy with last week’s episode, and we usually bounce back pretty strongly after a weaker episode.

Our energy was way up, and we were actually pretty positive. We also let the conversation go wherever it wanted to go, instead of trying to force anything. I think it came out loose and fun, and I think it’s a decently strong episode compared to the rest of our catalog so far.

This was a fun podcast week for me.

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