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Season One with a few of my thoughts for each episode

Juggalohio is a web-sitcom that my buddy Tony Hartman and I created and wrote together. It spawned from a random line in an email exchange where he told me he wanted to make a sitcom about a guy with an office job that lives with his pot selling Juggalo roommates. Obviously, I loved the idea, and within a day sent him a long email with character and story ideas despite not being asked for any of that.

We started bouncing ideas back and forth immediately, and within a month or two we had a season outlined and started writing first drafts. Then over the following months, we started to come up with a cast, and a plan. It took about eight months from that initial email, but eventually we had an amazing cast and crew and we filmed it.

You can check out all of Season One with a few of my thoughts on each episode right here.

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