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Erik and Dave Talking with Erik and Dave is a weekly podcast that I do with my friend and one of my favorite comics alive, Erik Cribley.

I had talked about starting a few podcasts with a few other people, but nothing ever came of them. Then, one day I randomly emailed Erik to see if he’d be interested in doing a podcast where we just kinda talk and don’t really follow much of a format. The entire body of his email response was “yes.” and so, Erik and Dave Talking with Erik and Dave was born.

The first episode was brutal, because we literally sat down and hit record right when he got to my place. That made us realize that maybe we do need a structure, or at least some sort of plan. Each week we started introducing new segments and trying new things.

The backbone of the show has somehow become the Battlestar Galactica fan fiction we write in every episode. In the first episode, I made a throwaway joke about writing your name into a Battlestar Galactica fan fiction if you told us you listened to the show. Neither Erik or I have ever seen an episode of Battlestar Galactica, so I didn’t think anything of it. But, Erik actually wrote a fan fiction that we read in our second episode. Then it snowballed from there. Each week we write a new installment. We rotate, one week one of us writes the beginning, the next week the other writes the end, and so on. It’s become my favorite part of the show as we’ve built an entire universe starring our friends and listeners.

We’re still early in this podcast experience we’ve taken on, but we’re making sure we have plenty of fun along the way. Well, at least I am. Erik doesn’t enjoy things.

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