is one of the things from my past I’m most proud of. My friends Nick Geidner and Kevin Povec started the site, which was intended to cover all things entertainment in Youngstown. They did an awesome job launching the site, and it blew up very quickly.

After it had been up and running a few months, I started writing stupid feature articles for it under the pseudonym Shakes. Over time, I wrote more and more, and started doing reviews and interviews, before eventually taking over webmaster duties and being in charge of the site’s personality.

we did awesome things for the local music scene. we put on incredibly fun shows, and promoted the shit out of the great talent from the area. near the end, we released a compilation of 20 local bands that is a pretty damn great CD.

more importantly, most of the friends i have today, i met through if i knew them before, doing the site brought us closer.

i was happy with the writing i did for the site, regardless of how stupid the articles were. i was putting them up consistently and had a pretty nice reader base, not just locally.

the site was super cool, and i loved everything we did. but, once i joined Wesker, i didn’t feel right being in a band AND running the premiere site for promoting bands in the area. it just didn’t seem fair, so i unfortunately quit. kevin and nick tried to keep it going, but after a few months lost interest and wanted to get out while the site was still relevant. that was the end of it, and the area has missed it since.

if i can hunt down some of my articles somewhere, i’ll try to put them on here. but they’re pretty stupid.

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