Wesker is a band I played bass in for a few years.

We started as a three piece and released a five song EP called, It’s All Uphill From Here, and an acoustic EP that I can’t remember the name of. I think it was Leave the Light On.

Then we became a four piece and started working on a full length album titled Make It Last. We recorded about 13 songs for it, and were gonna record a handful more to make sure we could have the best 12-13 songs possible for the release. But then I left/got kicked out, and those songs never got released. They recorded an EP with the new bassist that included the three songs we were gonna record for Make It Last and a few new ones they wrote after me. Then they broke up.

I wasn’t always a fan of all the music we were making, but I love playing live music, and we played a shit ton of very fun shows. We also wrote quite a few songs that I am very proud of and I made a lot of friends during my time in the band. Overall, it was a great experience.

I’ll eventually throw some songs up for download.

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