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Reverse Cowboy is a sketch comedy troupe I was in for a while. It was started with my friends Matt Liller, Ric Panning, and Jim Cibella. Brian Johnson joined in on the fun for a little bit, and by the end Erik Cribley was a member.

It unfortunately fell apart in the summer of 2011, but maybe eventually it will become something again. I really hope so.

In our time together, we hosted a monthly variety show called The Stage, threw two big fund raisers, Laughrica and Maylarious, that were each almost three hours long, and had another monthly variety show at the end.

We never filmed nearly as much as I wanted to, but here’s some of the stuff we did:


This is a live version of a skit I wrote with Zane. I love the concept and think it can be really good, it just needs trimmed down a little bit. I’m not opposed to reworking this skit in the future if the opportunity arises.


We didn’t get to actually film many skits, but this is one that we did. It introduces Gino, a world famous R&B artist. Again, this one could be shorter, but there’s some decent stuff in there.


This is one we never wrote. We just kinda put a camera up and took turns riffing off the top of our heads.


I don’t know why I love this skit so much, but I do. It’s an opening to the October edition of the variety show we used to host. The premise in short is that we were all gonna read our favorite scary story, but Matt and I both wanted to do The Raven, so we had to compromise.


This is a really good skit that Matt and Ric did.

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