I don’t do standup much anymore. Or at all really. I haven’t in months. I think I wanna get back to it at some point, it’s just hard to find the time or motivation.

Here are two videos of old sets. Neither are very good, and were pretty much before I figured out what kinda comic I wanted to be. They’re more driven by the short one liners, which I eventually abandoned for longer bits. I think my longer stuff is better.

The video didn’t work on this one for some reason, so it’s just the audio with some pictures. I hate doing topical shit, and I opened with a lot of it. There’s some pretty bad material here that I only did once, but there’s some stuff in there that I’ll still do if I ever return to the stage.

This was early in my days of doing standup. I had only been doing it a year or so, if that, when this was recorded. Some of the jokes have been reworked into the style I evolved into, and a lot of the jokes are rightfully retired. It’s not a great set.

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