This is part one of a trilogy Twilight spoof I wrote. This was written as a live skit, which was originally performed a few times with Reverse Cowboy.┬áThat shows, as it drags a bit in cartoon form, but Jimmy’s artwork on it is awesome. Very very happy with how it looks. I wish I’d have paced it a little better, and my voice acting is subpar, but I think there are still a few good laughs in there.

There is a second and third installment written. I’m hoping to have them done by the time the final Twilight is released in theaters this November. But that’s more up to Jimmy than me. I just want them all done for the finality of it.


This is one that Zane and I wrote over the phone. I think it’s funny, but too long. I wish I’d have trimmed it down a bit first, but I think the payoff at the end makes it worth the wait. Also, it looks awesome. Jimmy does good work.


Shit Talkin’ was supposed to be a weekly cartoon Jimmy and I did together. It was just audio with still pictures and only a minute or two long, which shouldn’t be very difficult to do weekly, right? Well, it only last three weeks despite having 20 or so written and a handful already recorded. That’s kinda how we operate.


This was the first cartoon we did. Zane and I wrote it based off a bit we’d been doing back and forth for years. Jimmy and I did the voices. Jimmy drew still pictures for it. And Zane colored them and put it all together. It’s not great, but I still think it’s a funny premise that actually partially made it into my standup act.

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