Season 1

Here is all of Season One, with a few paragraphs about each episode. Basically, a poor man’s DVD Commentary.


This is only the first half of the pilot script we put together. I wasn’t the biggest fan of having to split the script into two episodes, but I think it worked out pretty great. This part of it ends up being a pretty solid pilot. Introduces Kyle and the roommates, sets up what will be the eventual conflict, and establishes Kyle’s double life, all while having some solid jokes in there.

I’m super proud of the cold open, despite having to stand in a Gabriel Brothers parking lot in full face paint while filming it. It was the first scene that came to me when I started outlining the first season. I’m happy with how much information is packed in there, and Tony added pretty much all the jokes in it and made it a pretty damn funny scene. I thought it set the tone for the series perfectly.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of actually chugging Bleu Cheese for the final scene though. But, I did it to get the best possible shot. It was super fucking gross. I don’t recommend it.


My biggest concern with splitting the pilot into two parts was that the roommates are in this second episode so little. I was afraid having an episode that was so heavily set in the office may lose any viewers that were curious after the first episode. But I was wrong.

This episode is mostly Tony. He came up with a much better introduction to Carter than I had originally written, and overall he made the office dialogue great enough to keep the audience’s attention.

I love the ending of this episode. I wanted to establish very early to Megan that Kyle was a Juggalo. I wanted to avoid any double identity storylines that would be so easy to fall back on. I was really happy with how it came out, and was completely wrong about thinking this episode wouldn’t stand alone well on it’s own.


I like that this episode was a nice balance between the office and the apartment, and that it starts to get the ball rolling on the story. I also like that it begins to show how awesome of a character Carter is. Bill really fucking nailed it. There’s also about 80% fewer LFO jokes than I had written in the original draft, which is definitely for the best.

There’s a small continuity error near the end that drives me absolutely crazy because it was 100% my fault. There was ZERO reason for me to be carrying that mug, but for some reason I insisted on having it every take.

And I don’t know why, but the attention to detail Nachos puts into his Faygokaze recipe makes me laugh very hard every time.


My favorite episode by far. I sent Tony an email before writing the first draft telling him that I wanted this to be the Empire Strikes Back episode. We needed it to turn bad for Kyle, and get worse. I wanted the tone to be darker, and to really make it feel like Kyle is really getting kicked in the nuts over and over.

The scene at the end with Megan and Kyle is my favorite scene of the series. Meredith and Tony were both awesome, and I love the honesty Kyle shows. I wanted it to be clear that Kyle wasn’t ashamed of being a Juggalo, that he wasn’t making excuses for it. I wanted him laying it all on the line, kinda just telling Megan that this is how it is, whether you’re OK with it or not. The scene was also very toned down from how I originally wrote it after Tony was done with it, and it worked way better. My draft got ridiculous with Carter coming in with an acoustic guitar, playing Hey Soul Sister and asking Megan out. Tony’s way is much, much better. John Hansel also deserves a lot of credit for how great this scene came out. That room was a motherfucker to shoot in, but he made it work.

This is also the first episode that we used music from real Juggalo artists. MC Coffinride’s music fit the episode perfectly, and that dude was very supportive of us. I was very happy to get him involved in it and hopefully turn some people onto his music.


The park scene is my favorite scene that I was in. One thing I wanted to be driven home throughout the season was just how strong the friendship between Kyle and the roommates is. This scene demonstrates that.

The scene was also the last scene we filmed. By that, I mean we filmed it two months after everything else, after episodes were already airing. Meaning it was a very hot May afternoon, and Tony was stuck wearing a hoodie and I was trapped in heavily lined jeans and facepaint with the sun beating down on us. That also explains why my hair looks two months longer than it does in the previous scene.

The reason it was filmed so much later, is because of a damn Segway. It was written to include an amazing Segway joke that Tony wanted to do, but we couldn’t figure out a schedule or justify paying Tony Cavalier way too much money to rent a Segway for like an hour. Not renting one lead to the Bing line though, which is one of my favorite brief exchanges in the whole season.

Also, how awesome are Erik’s footie pajamas? He supplied those himself.


Episode 6 was also written as one script, but split in half due to being too long. Why’d we call it Part 1 and Part 2 instead of just episode 6 and 7? I don’t know, but it’s always made me laugh.

It was awesome to get Chris Fafalios involved to play Megan’s brother Cory. Fun fact: Kyle was originally written with Chris set to play him. But, a freak snow storm cancelled our first weekend of recording, forcing us to push it back to a time when he was on tour with his kickass band Punchline. It all worked out fine, cause I really liked Tony as Kyle, and we were still able to get Chris involved.

I had never played pogs before filming this episode, and I was instantly hooked. Pretty sure I ended the night undefeated.


There are too many things I love about this episode to try to single any out. I thought it came out as a perfect season finale, and even a perfect series finale if that’s what it ends up being. I wanted season one to wrap up and stand alone by itself, and after this episode it does. An online review of the season said the point of the show was that everybody has to grow up at some point, but that’s not it at all. Kyle changes nothing. He stays himself no matter what, and everything ends up working out perfectly for him. The point was be yourself.

Filming the fake party at the end was more fun than a lot of real parties I’ve been too. It was the perfect ending to the bulk of filming. The whole night was so much fun.¬†And for the life of me, I could never remember the lyrics to Hey Soul Sister. Have you ever read the lyrics to Hey Soul Sister? They’re fucking stupid and don’t make any sense. But I absolutely love that montage.

Overall, I was very pleased with how the season came out. Tony’s direction and John’s camerawork combined to make a really awesome thing to watch. I am very very proud of the finished product.


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