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Podcast Squared is a podcast that Andrew Johnstone started back in 2010. I was aware of it and had listened to a handful of episodes. Then, in March-ish of 2011, I stumbled across him looking for reviewers. I HATE reviewing things, i don’t even read reviews of anything. But, I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I enjoy talking about podcasts. So, I emailed him and became a part of the show.

My first episode was Episode 47. At that point I was recording a review and sending it in every two or three weeks. In August of 2011, we started doing month end Talkin’ Pod episodes, which were just us talking about podcasts in the news and podcasting in general.

On Episode 90 we switched to a new format, where I was no longer recording reviews and sending them in. Instead, Andrew and I were on the beginning of each episode and doing our reviews in a conversational format and discussing any news we had. Our month end Talkin’ Pod episodes then morphed into Podcast Panels where we’d put together a roundtable with solid guests discussing a certain topic. The show is a lot more work this way, but I feel it’s infinitely better with the conversational format.

Even though I’ve never been a fan of reviewing things, Podcast Squared has made it possible for me to talk to some very cool people I admire and make quite a few friends along the way.

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