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Random Stain is a blog that I started years ago with my best friends growing up, Zane Hughes and Jimmy Cole.

It started off with Zane and I writing silly news articles, where we’d take a real story and add stuff to it to make each other laugh. Then Zane started writing completely random things. We wanted this to be a place where we could post whatever we wanted about anything we wanted, and where we could make cartoons using Jimmy’s awesome animation skills.

It’s a lot of fun when we keep it up, but we suck at doing that. We go through spurts about once a year where we update it regularly for a month or so, then stop. I’m hoping to redo the site soon and get it up and going again. I enjoy it, and enjoy doing things with Zane and Jimmy. This will always be something that is the three of us, I’d just like it to be an active thing more consistently.

In the beginning, we made a few videos. Zane was learning how to edit stuff and fucking around with a green screen. Here are a few of those videos:



Now, don’t get me wrong, I realize Zane and I are probably the only two people in the world that can find this entertaining, but I still love it. Zane randomly called me one Friday night, him from one of the Dakotas, me in Ohio. He told me to film something. I did, and this is the result. It’s beyond ridiculous, and much, much too long. But there are still a few moments that make me laugh a good deal.



Zane made this for me and I love it.

You can watch some of the cartoons Random Stain cartoons Jimmy made right here.

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