The 15 Coolest Cavs Currently on the Roster (2016-17 Season)

The playoffs are right around the corner, so for the Third Year in a row, and first ever as defending champs, we break down the coolest Cavs currently on the roster.

15. DeAndre Liggins
Last Year’s Ranking: N/A
Liggins is a cool dude, but not quite ready to compete at a championship level for cool. I love a great D-League success story, and this dude won a title and the Defensive Player of the Year in the D League last year, and now is on his way to a playoff run in the big leagues. Cool story, but still a ways to go to compete on this list.

14. Kay Felder
Last Year’s Ranking: N/A
If this were a Coolest Players to Play for the Canton Charge This Season list, Felder would be in the Top 2, but this isn’t the D League and he still has some work to do to develop his big leagues cool.

13. James Jones
Last Year’s Ranking: 13
Three time NBA Champion. Three time bottom three Cool.

12. Tristan Thompson
Last Year’s Ranking: 8
His on court game continues to get better and better and he brings a workman like mentality to the court. That doesn’t always translate to cool off the court.

11. Kyle Korver
Last Year’s Ranking: N/A
Hot shooter. Not cool dude.

10. Larry Sanders
Last Year’s Ranking: N/A
Out of the league for a few years after retiring due to depression and anxiety. Now ready to run for a title after overcoming those issues. If that’s not Top 10 Cool-worthy, then I don’t know Cool.

9. Derrick Williams
Last Year’s Ranking: N/A
Top 2 in Coolest D-Wills on the team.

8. Deron Williams
Last Year’s Ranking: N/A
D Will fills the whole that I so badly wanted Joe Johnson to fill last year. Super cool dude who can ball coming to the team late for that final title push. Very cool.

7. Channing Frye
Last Year’s Ranking: 12
Really letting his cool show in his first full season with the Cavs. Cooler due to his close connection with Richard Jefferson, but still very cool on his own.

6. Iman Shumpert
Last Year’s Ranking: 4
The hair is less iconic this year, but the dude is still hella cool.

5. Kyrie Irving
Last Year’s Ranking: 7
There’s nothing flat about his all around coolness.

4. Kevin Love
Last Year’s Ranking: 5
Love = Cool.

3. Richard Jefferson
Last Year’s Ranking: 10
This year’s highest climber of Cool. Has really let his personality shine through this year with his podcast with Channing and Facebook Live videos with Allie Clifton, who is the epitome of Cool.

2. JR Smith
Last Year’s Ranking: 2
Has had a rough year dealing with issues on and off the court, but has remained Cool along the way.

1. LeBron James
Last Year’s Ranking: 1

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