The 15 Coolest Cavs Currently On the Roster (2015-16 Season)

On this day last year, I compiled a list of the coolest Cavs on the roster for last season. With this season winding down and the playoffs right around the corner, I figured now is as good a time as any to do the same for this year’s roster.


So here they are, the 2015-16 coolest Cleveland Cavaliers, ranked from 15-1.

15. N/A
last year’s ranking: N/A


The Cavs only have 14 players on the roster at the moment. They lost out on Joe Johnson, who would have easily cracked the Top 10, and didn’t end up filling that open roster spot. This spot could go to Quinn Cook, who really should be on the roster. Or it could be a Lifetime Cool Achievement Award for Anderson Varejao. Or maybe cool coach Ty Lue could have nabbed the spot. But, nope. It’s blank.

14. Sasha Kaun
last year’s ranking: N/A


Not even the coolest Russian big man on the roster. Make a video riding a bear and film some awkward local commercials and get back to us.

13. James Jones
last year’s ranking: 15


The old sharpshooting shooter shoots up two spots this year. He still has the feel of that uncle that claims he’s too old to play basketball at Thanksgiving, but then doesn’t miss a shot and schools everybody.

12. Channing Frye
last year’s ranking: N/A


Frye brings a great deal of usefulness on the court and will be a huge help in the playoffs, but his contributions in the Cool Category are nonexistent.

11. Matthew Dellavedova
last year’s ranking: 10

2015 NBA Finals - Game Three

A very popular player and likely the most controversial slotting of this entire list, but hardworking, charming, Australian, handsome, & gritty does not always equal cool. He’s earning himself quite a contract this offseason and will likely be Top 5 on his next team when it comes to being cool.

10. Richard Jefferson
last year’s ranking: N/A


Sometimes your Uncle James brings a friend who still seems old, but not as old, but then surprises everybody with a few awesome dunks. That friend is definitely Top 10 Cool-worthy.

9. Jordan McRae
last year’s ranking: N/A

On the surface, it seems like you could flip flop McRae and Delly and all would be right in the world, but after earning a spot on the roster after a nice showing on a 10 day contract, McRae has proven his coolness. It’s a quiet coolness that you know is there and are convinced the world will see soon enough.

8. Tristan Thompson
last year’s ranking: 6


Got his big payday this offseason, but slipped two spots on the coolness list. Worth it?

7. Kyrie Irving
last year’s ranking: 5


Top Three in coolness among the Big 3, but only Top Seven for the whole roster.

6. Timofey Mozgov
last year’s ranking: 7


Video. Riding. A. Bear.

5. Kevin Love
last year’s ranking: 3


Still handsome. Still Top 5 Cool.

4. Iman Shumpert
last year’s ranking: 4


There’s a character on Empire that is a direct ripoff of Iman. How cool is that? Top 4 Cool.

3. Mo Williams
last year’s ranking: N/A


Mo is guaranteed a Top 5 Cool Spot anytime he’s on the Cavs roster. In an all time coolest Cavs list, Mo would be a contender.

2. JR Smith
last year’s ranking: 2


Swish gets cooler every day. Would easily be at the top of the list for most teams in the league.

1. Lebron James
last year’s ranking: 1



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