Something New in 2016

Years ago, my pal Jake Johnson wanted to challenge his musical friends to write as much music as possible, so he started a blog called Friday by Five, where the goal was to write and record a new song every week. Myself, Fred Whitacre, Jason West, Brian Johnson, and others did our best. All in all, the thing went on for a few months. Most of us took weeks off along the way, and a lot of terrible songs were born, but there was a lot of good done. It was an awesome challenge to force ourselves into creativity.

Years later, Fred took the same idea and decided to tackle it himself by creating Friday Night Tracks. He forced himself to record a new song every week, and by the end of the year he had done well over 50 songs, which lead to a pretty awesome album that he was able to put together.

Cut to now, where I’ve felt a giant creative hole in my life.┬áThe podcasts I was doing that was forcing me to create things have either died or are incredibly infrequent, the story ideas Tony Hartman and I worked on so hard for so long seemed to take a backseat as we both focused on other aspects of life, and I haven’t felt inclined to make real, serious music in a long time. It was all missing.

So, as cliche as it is, I decided to use the new year as motivation to fix that. I need creativity in my life. I need to be making something. So, I reached out to Tony Hartman and asked him to hold me accountable to my goal of putting at least one post a week up on my site.

I also reached out to Fred to see if he’d be my gym partner in creativity. I wanted to do something challenging, and I didn’t trust myself to do it on my own. But I trusted Fred. He’d done it before, on his own.

Thus, Created Weekly was born. The idea was to force each other to write something new every week for a year. Whether it’s a short story, a poem, a song, hell, even a drawing. The idea is to create something new every week.

So, off we go. Week one went up today with short stories by Fred and myself, and a poem from Abbey Stoutamire. We hope to see the site grow over time with contributions from other writers, musicians, and artists. It’s an open invite to anybody wanting to create anything consistently. If you want to join in on the fun, email whatever you want to whenever you want, or reach out to myself or Fred personally.

It’ll be fun, and also challenging. I have enough ideas right now for the next few weeks. Once those are written, the real fun begins. It’ll be an interesting ride, but I’m looking forward to it.

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