The Golden Girls Reboot Dream Cast

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the debut of one of the greatest sitcoms about old ladies ever, The Golden Girls. So it got me to thinking, after 30 years isn’t it about time to reboot the show for a new generation?


I say YES! And here’s who I would cast!

Ryan Phillippe as Dorothy

Method Man as Blanche

Ken Watanbe as Sophia

Tom Hardy as Betty White

Ronda Rousey as Mr. Roper



One comment

  1. Mr. Roper was from Three’s Company, but he totally should have been on Golden Girls. He could have been covered in that nasty Golden Girl beaver sweat. Especially Blanche.

    *I used to have this fantasy where Blanche was my step-grandma and he sneak into my room at night to check on me and then she’d give me a hand job.

    **Substitute Blanche in that scenario for any other woman in the world and you have 99% of my fantasies down.

    ***Had it come true once. Cleaning lady in an Indianapolis hotel.

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