The 15 Coolest Cavs Currently On The Cavs Roster (2014-15 Season)

This year’s Cavs squad is not only the best one in a long time, and the best team Lebron James has ever played on, but it’s also far and away the coolest Cavs roster from top to bottom.


Here they are ranked from 15-1.

15. James Jones
jamesjonesEverybody has a cool uncle that can shoot the rock. Everybody wishes that uncle was James Jones.

14. Shawn Marion
shawnmarionThe Matrix was way cooler as a younger player, but as he ages his coolness is beginning to be overshadowed by the younger coolness around him.

13. Brendon Haywood
brendan-haywoodA dude that’s used to contributing who is mostly just along for the ride this year, but that doesn’t stop his cool sense of humor from being cool.

12. Mike Miller
mikemillerHis hair may not be as cool as it has been in the past, but the tats and three point stroke still are.

11. Kendrick Perkins
kendrick-perkinsHis actual coolness may be a little lower on this list, but he’s a scary dude, so he moved up a few spots.

10. Matthew Dellavedova
dellyFrom the land down under to the top (10) of the cool ranks.

9. Joe Harris
NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Cleveland CavaliersJoe Harris is the coolest, except for the eight Cavs ahead of him.

8. Anderson Varejao
andyHe’s been at or near the top of Coolest Cavs ever since coming into the league, but this year’s competition is super cool.

7. Timofey Mozgov
timofeymozgovcavaliersIn Russia, Timofey means cool!

6. Tristan Thompson
Tristan-ThompsonTerrible posture, great coolness.

5. Kyrie Irving
kyrieirvingA clear cut All Star of cool, and quite possibly the MVP of cool.

4. Iman Shumpert
imanThe coolness starts with the hair, but keeps going.

3. Kevin Love
kevinloveBeach Boy bloodline + perfect facial hair + that smile + style = COOL

2. JR Smith
J.R.-SMithA player hated by many around the league who’s true COOLNESS is exploding into the forefront in Cleveland.

1. Lebron James
bronIf you’re making a cool list and The King isn’t at the top, then YOU ARE NOT COOL.

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