Thrilled About Punchline

Last week, one of my favorite bands in the world, Punchline, released the title track off their upcoming album. I’m not one to blog anytime a band I love releases something new, but Punchline has always been pretty special to me. And for the last year and a half or so, I’ve been afraid that there would be no more new Punchline music ever again. Needless to say, I was pretty damn Thrilled when this was released.

This song has been a long time coming, and there are a LOT of people that have been waiting eagerly for it. As if new music isn’t cool enough, Chris Fafalios has been putting up some cool band related things on his tumblr page, including ranking every Punchline song ever. Everything has been awesome to read, and I hope there is plenty more to come. As much as I am happy to have more Punchline as a fan, I’m even happier for Chris as a friend because I know how important this band is to his life. Him opening up like that and sharing is something special.

Punchline hit me at the right time in my life. The first album of their’s I heard was Action, which to this day is still a Top 10 Ever album for me. It’s a perfect rock and roll record. Here is the band performing the entire album a couple years ago.

After Action was 37 Everywhere, which for some reason I hated on first listen. I don’t know if it’s because it came out on the same day as some other great albums, or if my expectations were to high, or what. But whatever it was, I was very wrong. I revisited the album about six months later and fell in love all over again. It wasn’t Action, but it was damn close. This is another one that to this day, is a Top 10 Ever album for me. I regret not getting that on first listen, because I lost out on six months of enjoying this album.

Action and 37 Everywhere were huge for me. They hit me at the time when music meant the most to me. I couldn’t ask for better timing. No other albums of their’s, or of anybody’s, will ever mean to me as much as those two do, which isn’t a bad thing at all. They were albums I loved at a time when I loved music the most. For some reason, music doesn’t hit me now like it did then.

But in no way does that mean I haven’t loved anything since then. Every album since has been great in it’s own way, and every album has songs on it that I love just as much as those two earlier albums.

I can’t stress enough, if you love this band, or even enjoy them greatly, read Chris’s blog where he ranked every Punchline song. It’s pretty amazing. I can’t imagine the time and effort put into creating such a list. I can imagine how little effort would go into making a Top 5 Favorite Punchline Videos Off Of Albums That Came After Action and 37 Everywhere though, so here it is.


5. I Swear I’ve Been Here Before – off of So Nice To Meet You

Ok, so maybe I’m biased with this one. If you watch closely, you may see me show up as the Evil Mayor. If you look more closely, you may see Erik Cribley as one of my henchmen. If you look even more more closely, you may see Steve Soboslai make a cameo. And if you just watch, you’ll see my sweet hoopin skills.

4. Ghostie – off of Just Say Yes

This is a perfect Punchline song with a silly video. A great mix.

3. Coyotes In B Major – off of Delightfully Pleased

Punchline has always written great hooks, and this is one of their best. The combination of Steve and Paul’s voice has always created some of the most beautiful music ever and this song sums up perfectly why I was so excited Paul was back in the band for this record.

2. The Hit – off of Just Say Yes

They were on fire with this and Ghostie this album. Great songs, great videos. This is the epitome of a great Punchline song.

1. 21 Forever – off of Delightfully Pleased

Not as fun of a video as the other ones posted, but this is my favorite song of their’s that isn’t on Action or 37 Everywhere. Chris ranked it #2 on his list, but I felt like it deserved a #1. Nothing against Universe, it’s a great jam, but it’s not 21 Forever.

HONORABLE MENTION: Rollercoaster Smoke – off of Delightfully Pleased

I’ve always loved this song, but I’ve never watched Lost, so I’ve always felt like I would like it more if I “got it.” Great song though, and some dude went through a lot of effort to cut together this video.

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