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I used to blog weekly about my podcasts, then I stopped. And I kinda stopped talking about them in general for the most part because I never wanted to be the “Hey, listen to my podcast!” guy, even though I love podcasting. I don’t know if I’ll start the weekly posts again or not, but probably not. I just figured I’d post an update about where all my shows stand currently.

mupheaderMovies On UP! has been my most successful/consistent podcast. This May will mark three straight years with at least one episode up a week. We had a phase where we were doing two episodes a week, but that was stupid and we stopped.

It’s a ton of fun. Each week is either a random list where we dig into subgenres, subsubgenres, and even subsubsubgenres, or a discussion on a specific movie. We’ve gotten it down to a science and still put out consistent content with the least amount of work involved. It’s pretty fun.

PrintDave and Mike Have Daddy Issues is my newest show. It’s Michael Kolenich and I talking about Dad stuff. It’s a lot of fun. We record it with the kids around, so they interject occasionally. It’s cool to be able to talk about being a dad with a fellow dad, and it’s a nice change doing something family friendly, which I’ve never been good at.

We’re only two episodes in so far, but new episodes will be dropping every other week from here on.

cropped-erikanddaveedit1Erik and Dave Talking with Erik and Dave is technically my oldest show. We started three years ago this week, but haven’t done it weekly in a year and a half. First year was every week, second year was weekly for the first half, then sporatic, third year we did three total episodes.

BUT, that didn’t stop us from putting up a 3 Year Anniversary special this week to celebrate. It was a ton of fun, and maybe almost enough fun for me to want to do an episode more often than every four months. We’ll see.

podcestPodcest is a new site I just threw together this week. It will get a lot of work soon, including a new logo and a fairly detailed site. With all of my podcasts, and Erik Cribley recently launching two more (Perfect America and FACTS! and FRIENDS!), I figured I’d put together one site to put all those shows at to make it easier for fans of one to stumble onto the others.

This one is coming soon. I was really hoping to have the first episode up by now, but it isn’t. This will be a new show, that will pretty much just be me talking about advertising, with guests and cool stuff occasionally.

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