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I’ve been collecting Funko POP! figures for a few years now, and it always blew my mind that there wasn’t a Punisher one. My collection always felt like it was lacking something, because The Punisher would have been one of the first ones I ever bought.

Finally, early this year, The Punisher POP! was born. I won’t go into how terribly it was handled by Walgreens, and how they don’t deserve anymore exclusives after this series, but after lots of effort, I finally got my hands on one. And instantly, he became one of my favorites in my collection.


I absolutely loved The Punisher as a child. Not only did I love him, but so did my best friend in the entire world, Zane. We met in the fifth grade, and instantly bonded over our love of Frank Castle. We could try to take a deep look into why we were so drawn to the character, but it can probably be boiled down as simply as we were young children being drawn to the extreme violence.

Our love didn’t stop at reading and talking about The Punisher comics though. It also extended to a sleepover involving the very disappointing Dolph Lundgren take on the character.

punisher (1)


But more importantly, it was our love of making our very own Punisher comics that got us through the fifth grade. If we didn’t entertain ourselves with these comics, maybe we would have dropped out and never even seen the sixth grade. We’ll never know. Hell, maybe without those comics, our friendship never would have gotten as strong as it’s always been.

Our comics kept us going during down times in class. They were violent, bloody, ultra violence, and included a more one-linery Frank Castle than the comics we loved. In other words, they were perfect. I used to keep them all in the top drawer of my dresser for a few years. One of my biggest regrets in this lifetime is throwing them all away. It still bums me out to think about it.

In memory of our custom made Punisher comics made by our fifth grade selves, and more importantly, to celebrate me finally getting the POP! figure piece I’ve wanted since I started my collection, I have done my best to recreate one of those comics made by our fifth grade selves. The violence, the swearing, the nonsensical one liners are all present, as is the same quality artwork.

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