Sports Rap Thursdays

I was gonna comment on how it’s been a while since I updated my site at all, then realized it’s been exactly a year, which is weird.

Anyways, about 7 or 8 weeks ago, or more or less, my buddy Ryan McGehee and I started hosting a sports talk show on Thursday nights on The Sports Animal 1390 in Youngstown from 6-8 PM. It’s been a lot of fun.

Our status of whether or not it’s officially a thing that will keep on going as of right now is up in the air still, but we will be doing it for the foreseeable future.

I’ve had a handful of people ask me if we’ve recorded any, since not everybody can listen live, but we hadn’t yet. Until last night’s show.

Sports Rap Thursday with Ryan and Dave – 7/18 

There’s the trimmed down version of the show in MP3 format. You can stream it or right click and ‘Save As’. We’re working on getting the station to podcast it from their site so it can be found in the iTunes store or RSS.

It was a fun show. We talked sports movies, Nintendo, the Cavs, and spoke with Neal Coolong from BehindTheSteelCurtain, Dan Lalich from DawgsByNature, and Herzog, one of the aliens that abducted Baron Davis, as well as a couple callers. It was a packed show and I feel is a good sample of what we’re doing with the show.

If you like it, you can listen live on Thursdays from 6-8 PM EST here or through the IHeartRadio app.

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